Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Urban's Limerick

Duct tape on our windows outside and in
Patches on sails ready to trim
After chili for dinner, the odors were abundant
I guess you can say the air was rather pungent
Junk yard dogs of the sea, we took on the fleet –
Victory in reach would be rather sweet.
We turned north, though our margins were thin,
we were taking a risk but we knew we might win.
While we thought we’d go fast, instead we ended up with our thumbs up our….
Ask us why we did it!!!
If it would have worked out we’d have cleaned the fleet out.
We look a little ghetto although we’re pretty cool.
After all, the boat is called Urban Renewal.

Home at last

The Urban Renewal crew crossed the finish line at 3:28 a.m. Monday morning. Family and friends headed out on Ho'onanea to meet the boys at the finish line. We left Kaneohe Yacht Club at 1:30 a.m. and headed out to the R-2 buoy. Navigating in Kaneohe Bay at night is definitely a challenge. Throw in some squalls and it is a bigger adventure. We braved the elements to get the first glimpse of our loved ones. There were several boats finishing at the same time and it was hard to tell which one was Urban. After a lot of is that them, no that is them, no they're over there, even driving past a boat and cheering (oops not them), we got to Urban and yelled, screamed, cheered, and clapped. It was a wonderful experience to meet them at sea. Thank you David for taking us all out at such an early hour.

After docking we greeted each other on land giving leis, hugs, and kisses. It is great to have them back at home. Especially Ellis, Don, and John who have been away for over a month. I am sure I speak for Gail and Ruth Ann when I say we missed them a lot.


P.S. I have posted a bunch of pictures. Look to the left of the site and click on the links. I am working on putting up more, especially the video of the start. It takes a long time to load so it is taking some time. I will post a blog when they are all up.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Final Hours


4:50 HDT, Sunday evening

Friends and family, We notified the race committee that we are 100 miles from the finish. YAHOO!! The sight of land is still 9-10 hours away. This adventure was greater than my expectations. The scope of things learned, about sailing and personally, rivaled any college credits one could amass. (Even though some of us are challenged by wind direction, like East vs. West).

Our current position: N22*33 W156*21
Wind: NE 12-16 nmph
Boat speed: 7.5 to 14 nmph
Swells: 2-4 meters

We had one of our bags fall into the SSB (single sideband radio) and put it out of commission for the remainder of the race. We have been using an iridium phone to keep officials posted. Daily, people are very concerned about each boats whereabouts and safety. This fits with our program well. If we are interested in safety, why are we having cans of Stags chili on our last night? Could be an interesting finish after all.

Mahalo, for your support and interest, this will be the final E-mail from "Urban". Our E.T.A. for tomorrow morning, should be 6:30 - 8:30a.m., always, subject to change. Thanks again, Sailing Safe

Your Crew and Friends,
John, Rocky, Les, Don, Randy and Ellis

Sunday, July 27, 2008


0200 hrs Sunday just coming off watch, Squalls and stars, driving constant 8-10kts / even hit a 16.1 my personal best / crashing water on deck / pitch black one min / stars and the milky way just unbelievable / on our watch 36 nms average 9 kts for four hours - -that is some hot stuff for me!!!. What a great adventure this has been for me. We started preparing about a year ago, then did the delivery and now the race - - WOW!!! For all of you that have supported all of us/me for the delivery and now the race - - it was great having you part of my life and knowing you were following along with your thoughts. If the wind Gods are willing we should finish sometime Monday morning - - looking fwd to seeing all of you at KYC - - and for you off shore people hope to see ya' soon on the mainland. Thank you Ruthann for allowing me to be part of this and supporting me all the way.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 11 - 292 miles to go


5:22 p.m. Saturday

"Ready or not, here we come." In San Francisco we met a captain, his quote, from his wife, "How can I miss you if you never go away." Well girls, we've been away, but I don't think it will become a habit. You are stuck with us. We are anticipating a Monday morning landing at Kaneohe Yacht Club. For those interested, we will be radioing KYC from 100 miles out, 25 miles out and 1 mile out. Then calling KYC at the finish line for an escort into the club.

Today was another very strong performance by "Urban Renewal", we should sail close to 190 miles for the 24 hr. period. We are gaining on many, but, too little too late. We moved to 5th in our division. For dinner this evening, ham, potatoes and apple sauce or peaches. At this point, we are trying to empty out refers, storages, etc. Spirits are high with the anticipation of landfall, and your smiling faces.

See you SOON !!!!!!!!

The Crew, John, Don, Les, Rocky, Randy and Ellis

Friday, July 25, 2008

492 to go


Time: 6:48 p.m. pdt Friday July 25

Support team, "Urban Renewal" is charging towards the finish. We jibbed a few hours ago, yes, finally we are heading south. We could, conceivably, keep this tack right across the finish line. As noted above, we are 492 nm to R2 buoy. For the last few days we've been averaging 175 nm. Ahhhhhhhh, the flying fish,(inedible) have been landing on the deck every day, during the delivery and race. One of which is our mascot. We should have had this little guy leading us out of the "parking lot", 5 days ago.

Our position: N26*36 W150*47
Bearing: 221 degrees
Wind: NE "Trades" 10-16 knots
Current boat speed: 9.8 nmph

The day began with steely blue water. It is now a deep clear blue. Beautiful stuff. Tonight, we are finishing the turkey and dressing. Prepared by our guest chef, Rocket J. Squirrel. We are hoping for a Monday landing. Your support has been tremendously appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Crew, Don, Les, Rocky, Randy, Ellis and John

Parking Lot Sale

Aloha Family and friends,

After spending nearly two days in the parking lot looking for good deals, I mean wind, it was time to push forward. Yesterday, we recorded more miles toward "the finish line", than 6 of 7 yachts in our division. Finally, we gained a little ground. Today, was another very good day. There is hope of at least a respectable finish?? We currently have 668 nm to the finish line. Looks like a Monday or Tuesday finish. (Always, subject to change.)

Current position: N 27*33 W147*01
Wind direction: NE 10-14 nmph
Boat speed: 8.4, averaging 8 nmph for the last 5 hours
Swells 1-3 meters, surfing rarely.

To nights fine cuisine, Dinty Moore stew, presented by master chef, Randy. Our provisions are holding well. The ice is on its last stand. (much better preformance than delivery crews). Dry ice was key. Could be the last chilled beer tomorrow, that's still much better than anticipated.
Sailing fast and safe,
The Crew John, Randy, Les, Rocky, Don, and Ellis