Tuesday, July 22, 2008

today's update


A day and night of intermittent squalls provided us with wind. Not enough to keep us from dropping like rocks toward the bottom of the fleet standings. Nonetheless, great fun, laughter and experience is being had by all. We will have stories to tell. This morning we reached the half way point, 1038 nm. That equates to filet mignon BBQ tonight. Sounds like more entertainment to me. Randy caught a 30-35 pound Aku (tuna), early this afternoon. We released it. It would have caused much havoc on deck, plus dinner was already planned. Perhaps, tomorrow will bring similar success. The real success will be brisk winds all day long, we don't want to miss too many festivities at Kaneohe Yacht Club. We will keep you posted.

Current standings: 7th out of 8 in the fleet. (however, we did pass some poor suckers today) Current position: N29*41 W141*56
Current bearing: 231 degrees
Speed: 5.9 nmph, ugh Squalls surrounding us all day

The wine is breathing,

The Crew, John, Rocky, Don, Les, Randy and Ellis

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