Friday, July 18, 2008

day 2 progress

Aloha all,

Today, the weather conditions improved. The sun popped out for a few hours, foulies were cast aside, sunglasses used and attitudes brighten by the suns glow. Yahoo....we hoisted the spinaker around 1 p.m., and are considering taking it down for the night. It definitely requires more focus. Yesterdays, "position report" had us third in our class and fifth overall. After this mornings report we dropped to fourth in our class and thirteenth overall. All the fastest boats haven't begun, yet. The race is just beginning!!??

Our current position is: N35.03 W129.37
Distance to R2 buoy: 1690 miles
Wind speed: 6-10 knots
Boat speed: 7.5 knots
Swells 2-4 meters
Current weather: clear, squalls on the horizon
Time: 3:59pm PDT

Tonights Bill of Fare....cup o soup....yumm

Sailing safe,
The crew, John, Les, Rocky, Don, Randy and Ellis

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