Tuesday, July 1, 2008

moving day 17

Family and friends, the last 24 hours have been excellent sailing. We made 153 miles on San Francisco.

distance to the "Gate": 321 miles remaining
current position: N 38.40 W 129.13
winds: ESE 10-15 knots
course: 80*
swells: 1-2 m

It was uplifting to have a full day of significant progress. We began July 1rst with the same conditions. The weather maps are suggesting confusion as we near the coast. So, we will plan according. The latest news comes from Joe... Aku, for lunch/dinner...just this minute. It cannot get fresher than this. Joe, to date, has caught 10 fish, five of which, were released. Way to go, Joe. All mechanical system are good. Constant tightening and tweaking a must, daily. SSB radio systems are being tested daily. If we do not report our position daily for the Race, we lose time. The St. Francis Yacht Club has consented to our company while in the Bay area. Score!!

Getting ready for a "watch" change. Weather is cool, ranging from 50 to 70 degrees. All is good, more soon.

The Crew
John, Don, Ellis and Joe

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