Sunday, July 20, 2008


Few problems, changed to our 85 kite, worked good, destine for a 200 mile day but a late afternoon squall changed that when we blew out that spinnaker and went back to the 1.5 kite which was much heavier and did not do well in the lighter air we encountered. I accidentally ate my ice cream sandwich which I mistook for a granola bar in the dark. Was supposed to be for the half way party. We are at 1333 now, so I guess we are looking at Monday for that event. The weather map is starting to get dicey as the high is getting large and extending close to our area, should affect every one, but so far we seem to have a good breeze with some squalls. With the breeze a little lighter we have our 3/4 oz spin that much made for us in 1993. We are babying that to make it last. We still have lots of kits but all of them old. Actually we do have Rocky's new kite but it is a little small for the boat. Still in 4th place, the boat Begiua seems to be sailing well and we have to beat them in by 5 hours and they are only .1 miles further from Hawaii than us. The computer for the race estimates our arrival at 2:45 am Sunday morning if we keep our present speed, as of 9 pdt today. We haven't slowed too much making about 7.8 average speed for the course. We did 195 miles to the good yesterday, so our straight line strategy is working for us so far, we just have to sail faster! Ham for dinner last night, breakfast burritos this morning. Tomorrow will be the test. We have fish on the menu for dinner, barbecued but we have no fish on the boat. Do we just give us fish or do we teach us how to fish? We will put line out in the morning. I was corrected, we do have tuna in the can, though our Mayonnaise did go flying across the boat earlier in the week. Our dry ice is keeping our ice cold and we are still drinking beer cold at our cocktail hour so time keeps passing and I am enjoying being our here. The company is good and the sailors are getting better, more tomorrow. Note, this goes out the next time we hook up to the modem/single sideband radio.

Aloha Les and Crew

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