Wednesday, July 16, 2008

change in crew

I am sad to report that, Larry Sweet, one of the original crew members was hurt on Monday as he was working on the boat getting her ready for the race. Larry tripped on the lifeline and fell into the boat hitting his face on the gear shift. He was badly hurt and went to the hospital. He received 15 stitches on both the inside and outside of his left cheek and bruised his ribs. Doctor’s orders were, no sailing! We are all extremely saddened by this unfortunate accident. Larry is a wonderful person who was very excited to take part in this adventure. It was a solemn day for us all.

Sailing the boat with five can be done. However, it would be better with six so an offer went out to Ellis to join the team on the race back to Honolulu. Ellis felt extremely honored to be extended this invitation and accepted.
Lonely in San Francisco, Cathy

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