Monday, June 16, 2008

Randy Reed

My favorite color is racing! I pit crew with the Baja Fools in the Baja Trophy Truck races. As far as sailing, I’m part of the crew on Ho’onanea out of the Kaneohe Yacht Club, where I am a member, along with my girlfriend Lora.
I’m basically the go-to guy when something doesn’t sound right on a boat or in a boat’s engine for some of my friend’s boats. I work full time for the Federal Government in Pest Control at the PWC at Pearl Harbor, and own Randy’s Auto Service in Kaneohe.
This is my first Pacific Cup. I’ve done a whole lot of racing in Hawaii, but this is my first – and longest – race so far, sailing.
I have two daughters, Ashley and Megan and a lot of family and extended family in California and Montana – with the exception of my mom, Mary, who will be working in Alaska this summer. (p.s. this photo show me the day of the race -- my first time at Wal-Mart, getting purple yarn. You'd better check out Don Brown's profile to learn why the yarn had to be purple.)

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