Wednesday, June 25, 2008

new sailor tip #2

Here is another tip for new sailors to help us sail more comfortably. Stay warm, especially feet and hands. Foul weather gear is not enough to keep you warm. You need warm mid and base layers, maybe not so much pants but certainly jackets or at least long sleeve shirts. At night on deck it is doubly cold and wet and if you are sailing fast then that means it's very windy too. Water proof gloves and boots are not a luxury, it will go a long way in helping you not be miserable on a cold, windy, rainy night watch. So don't skimp on the cold weather stuff. If your brother (Steve) sneers at you and thinks you are going overboard you are just getting to the warmness level you need, don't be afraid to go a little more.


1 comment:

Josh said...

Classic! Even from a thousand miles away Ellis still throws a jab at Steve.