Thursday, June 26, 2008


Bernie & Bennie were family - - we all know the grieving process that goes with the loss of a loved one. It did not take but a day for the crew to notice the difference in Bennie since Bernie was gone. Bennie became lackluster, roamed around on deck, couldn't stay focused in one position. The extra workload and the loss of Bernie was more then Bennie could cope with. Bennie try befriending the loan white throw cushion, but to no avail, Bennie was forlorn and broken in spirit. Bennie was severely injured early in the trip and had a drastic weight loss - - we were able to patch him up but we did not have the necessary skills and refurbishment onboard so Bennie had been having a hard time even before the loss of Bernie. Sooooo late one evening while we were sailing along Bennie slipped quietly into the loving arms of the Pacific Ocean to be one with Bernie and circle the Pacific High forever. Both are "sorely" missed and we will hope to contact family in SFO to see if they want to join the crew and see the Pacific like Bernie & Bennie!!!!!!! MASTER & COMMANDER OF URBAN RENEWAL WITH ALL RESPECT FOR THE FALLEN / don brown

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