Monday, June 23, 2008

The new guy experience

This is my first crossing and longest ocean voyage I have ever made. Being on the water for over a week I have learned a few things (tips) that may help new sailors like myself prepare for something like this, and for the old salts it may bring back an amusing account or event where they may have first learned or had these experiences.

The first tip is very simple, anyone who has sailed or even had to much to drink will understand this. Tip number one is "one hand for the boat". On the ocean or even in rough coastal waters you always need to have one hand for holding on. So you will need to do everything with one less hand so to speak. You will surly find yourself in some awkward and precarious positions as you work your way around the boat. The simple task of putting on your pants can be a struggle. I will write again as my learning experiences mount. Ellis

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