Saturday, June 28, 2008


Aloha all - - all is well no mutiny & no keel hauling to date - - although neither one is out of the question. How ironic the Day of Reckoning comes on the exact same day as that great day you all gave us the wonderful Bon Voyage send off. Here are the gruesome facts. The wind Gods now control our fate / no more motoring fuel available. We started with 72 gal of fuel and we now have 2ea 5 gal jugs still on deck and there is approx 5 gals in the tank. Our fuel consumption rate is approx 1/2 gal per hour. So that gave us a total motoring time of 144 hours / in comparison Cirrus carried 300 hours of motoring fuel. We want to keep 10 gals in reserve so when we hit the light box at SFO we will have 20 hours of running time to get us to St Francis Yacht Club. That leaves us with 5 gals to keep the batteries charged. We burned our last reserve motoring 5 gals last night - - we motored from 2300 until 0900 this morning and still did not pick up a breeze. So we are presently @ N39-10 / W136-41 - - approx 670 nm from SFO - -wind out of the east (not the JS west) course 015 SOG 2-3 kts, seas flat and clear sky with horizon clouds. We will stay on this course for awhile to see if anything fills in and then do a tack south and see what we can carry - - course to steer for SFO is 110. We were hoping to see the fireworks over Alcatraz - - maybe next year.

Don & crew

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