Thursday, June 26, 2008

still moving along

Picked up a nice south wind - - cruising along on a beam reach heading of 70 - - I want to keep going a little north and east at the same time - - absolutely gorgeous day - - brilliant blue sky -- little following sea making 6-7 kts toward SFO. Lat 38-53 / Lon 145-00 - - now this is what it is all about. I had my first mid Pacific bath. Happily surprised the water temp was near 70 degrees. The boat was only moving about 1 1/2 knots. Surprising to myself, it took an effort to catch up to Urban. Our latitude was 38*60, I was expecting much colder temp. Hope all goes well on the home front. This is a VERY good experience. The learning curve is HUGE,

John, Don, Ellis, no fish today, Joe

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