Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fresh fish

Current position GPS N 35`08.639 W 151`02.308 1435 HST Well once again the weather is not cooperating with us. We have been motoring for 2 full days and it seems that another high is coming down on us. At least we all got to do laundry. We are low on fuel and have to keep some in reserve to charge the batteries. When the fuel is gone we will just have to wait for the wind to come to us. Once we get to the Lat 39` we will hang a right and head for SF if there is wind and when it comes hopefully it is in the direction we want to go. We have to get to the race before the 16th. Everything cold is gone and there is no refrigeration on this boat. We do however have a great fisherman name Joe who catches Mahimahi almost every other day so we have some very fresh fish most times. The crew is in good spirits and waiting for some wind. Ellis

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