Friday, June 27, 2008



We are back to sailing. Had a brilliant 24 hours yesterday, 162 miles gained, with beautiful conditions. 10-14 wind speed, with a SW wind, 4 to 5 foot rolling swells, stars leading the way during the night watches. Today, is a "copy / paste" of yesterday. Apparently, we will ride these conditions straight to the West Coast. Today, on the boat we arranged the remaining provisions. On the whole, our projections are very close. (Except TP, we'll have enough for the next few crossings.) And like everyday, tightened nuts and bolts, checked lines for wear, added to the "to do list" in preparation for the Race. Our start day moved up a day to July 15th at 14:10 hrs. That leaves us one less day to prepare. Not to worry , we WILL be prepared. We are currently 877 miles to the Golden Gate. Our heading is 72 degrees. Our position is N38*45 W141*27 Current boat speed 6.7 knots per hour.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR be DAR, our beards are of sailing salts, (some scruffier than others)

Miss you all, til tomorrow.

John, Don, Ellis and again, "no fish today, Joe" waaas up?

FLASH / FLASH/ FLASH// - - Joe just caught an aku

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