Monday, June 23, 2008


From day one, my first safety meeting with the crew, Bernie & Bennie Beanbag showed an air of arrogance and safety to the wind attitude. When we got underway they where always sitting high on the rail with no harness & not hooked on. They would sit out on deck by themselves never once hooked up. Well as fate would have it when you live in the fast lane - - late last night when a squall came thru and everybody was scrambling - - when the rain and wind stopped Bernie was gone. Bennie is grieving and has finally seen the error of his ways and is certainly hanging on much tighter. Our thoughts and certainly our butts go out to Bernie, drifting the Pacific never to be seen again. Hopefully we will be able to find some family members in SFO and reunite them with Bennie and add them to the crew list. In memory of Bernie we dropped a lei at the site - - our butts certainly miss Bernie Beanbag. Master & Commander of the mighty Urban Renewal / Don Brown

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EVK4 said...

my condolences. we plan on bringing cousins to Bernie and Bennie on the Pac Cup. Hopefully, they will not be grieving too much to join the crew.