Saturday, June 28, 2008


Aloha all - - DISCLAIMER - there is a member of the crew, (we won't mention his name but his initials are JS) who is compass challenged. We have been working with him but despite the fact he is old he is also compass inept. We believe this has come from living in CA for so long, which is the west, that when he is headed to CA that is the west so he believes he is heading west @90 degrees. Until we are better able to break thru this syndrome and establish some form of compass rose understanding, JS has been relieved as tactician/navigator & relegated to full time galley duty - - standing watch purely as an observer. We are also going to start editing anything that JS sends out from this point to prevent further embarrassment for himself and the crew. As you sailors know there is a lot goes on in a voyage and being dissed by your fellow crew members is one of them.

DAILY REPORT - - not a good day for distance but great day for relaxing and reading, auto pilot working just great, wind has dropped to about 5kts out of the S/SW, calm seas, clear sky. We are @ N39-01 / W138-06 course of 065, SOG 2.5. Weather map shows we are in a small high and it should fill in out of the NW. We sure hope so - - this is not getting us to SFO. We are not motoring because we only have approx 22 gals left onboard and we need to save a certain amount for emergencies and to charge batteries As always, eating good, we all eat what we want for breakfast & lunch and then we cook dinner. Tonight was corn beef and cabbage and fruit cocktail. Missing everybody, but it sure beats working on the house, sitting in traffic and going to work.

Don & Urban Crew

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