Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest news and weather


Greetings from location: N38*47 W132*45

We had, what is becoming a typical day. We started slowly, 1-2 knots early in the morn. Then, North winds, lasting 6-7 hours, at 6-9 knots. We just sat and sat during the night, for nearly 10 hours. Now the wind is coming from the South. It has been steady at 10-12 knots for the last 4 hours. Our weather maps are not showing these inconsistencies. Making it difficult to forecast arrival time. Oh well, part of the adventure. We are currently 473 miles from the Golden Gate. wind speed is 6.7 knots per mile course: 77* - - at present we are making course. All provisions are holding, but I'm surely looking forward to a few of those S.F. eateries and pubs.

More later, the crew
J.S. "galley boy", Don, Ellis and Joe

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Disclaimer Status

Aloha all,

Here is an update from J.S. (the galley guy):

Even though directionally challenged, (thank God for GPS) there have been improvements. Today, I'm on deck,....lashed to the mast....what a view. Still, a huge smile on my face. Crossing the Pacific a lifetime dream and goal, into day 15. Current position: N38.43 W134.46 Wind: North 6 - 10 knots Heading: 75* Course: 74* Miles to S.F. 558 Gray overcast skies, no rain, yet.
Coming soon, to a bulkhead near you, J.S. (the galley guy), Don, Ellis and Joe

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Aloha all - - all is well no mutiny & no keel hauling to date - - although neither one is out of the question. How ironic the Day of Reckoning comes on the exact same day as that great day you all gave us the wonderful Bon Voyage send off. Here are the gruesome facts. The wind Gods now control our fate / no more motoring fuel available. We started with 72 gal of fuel and we now have 2ea 5 gal jugs still on deck and there is approx 5 gals in the tank. Our fuel consumption rate is approx 1/2 gal per hour. So that gave us a total motoring time of 144 hours / in comparison Cirrus carried 300 hours of motoring fuel. We want to keep 10 gals in reserve so when we hit the light box at SFO we will have 20 hours of running time to get us to St Francis Yacht Club. That leaves us with 5 gals to keep the batteries charged. We burned our last reserve motoring 5 gals last night - - we motored from 2300 until 0900 this morning and still did not pick up a breeze. So we are presently @ N39-10 / W136-41 - - approx 670 nm from SFO - -wind out of the east (not the JS west) course 015 SOG 2-3 kts, seas flat and clear sky with horizon clouds. We will stay on this course for awhile to see if anything fills in and then do a tack south and see what we can carry - - course to steer for SFO is 110. We were hoping to see the fireworks over Alcatraz - - maybe next year.

Don & crew


Aloha all - - DISCLAIMER - there is a member of the crew, (we won't mention his name but his initials are JS) who is compass challenged. We have been working with him but despite the fact he is old he is also compass inept. We believe this has come from living in CA for so long, which is the west, that when he is headed to CA that is the west so he believes he is heading west @90 degrees. Until we are better able to break thru this syndrome and establish some form of compass rose understanding, JS has been relieved as tactician/navigator & relegated to full time galley duty - - standing watch purely as an observer. We are also going to start editing anything that JS sends out from this point to prevent further embarrassment for himself and the crew. As you sailors know there is a lot goes on in a voyage and being dissed by your fellow crew members is one of them.

DAILY REPORT - - not a good day for distance but great day for relaxing and reading, auto pilot working just great, wind has dropped to about 5kts out of the S/SW, calm seas, clear sky. We are @ N39-01 / W138-06 course of 065, SOG 2.5. Weather map shows we are in a small high and it should fill in out of the NW. We sure hope so - - this is not getting us to SFO. We are not motoring because we only have approx 22 gals left onboard and we need to save a certain amount for emergencies and to charge batteries As always, eating good, we all eat what we want for breakfast & lunch and then we cook dinner. Tonight was corn beef and cabbage and fruit cocktail. Missing everybody, but it sure beats working on the house, sitting in traffic and going to work.

Don & Urban Crew

Friday, June 27, 2008


The only time the cold has been a factor are the night watches. Taking "Urban" up, that equated to a 4 hr. watch. Don uses PJ bottoms for his extra layer. Easy to shop for, they can multitask?? Boots are the same, I wore socks one night, after that, nothing. Only keeps the occasional wave off, plus any cool winds. Ski or water proof gloves are good. Yesterday, we did 162 miles. Today we should do the same, Henrietta (the auto helm) is driving. Our course is 63 degrees, the position is N38*43.065 W141*37.602 We are tracking slightly north of Point Reyes. 884 miles to "The Gate".

Hope this finds all of you healthy,




We are back to sailing. Had a brilliant 24 hours yesterday, 162 miles gained, with beautiful conditions. 10-14 wind speed, with a SW wind, 4 to 5 foot rolling swells, stars leading the way during the night watches. Today, is a "copy / paste" of yesterday. Apparently, we will ride these conditions straight to the West Coast. Today, on the boat we arranged the remaining provisions. On the whole, our projections are very close. (Except TP, we'll have enough for the next few crossings.) And like everyday, tightened nuts and bolts, checked lines for wear, added to the "to do list" in preparation for the Race. Our start day moved up a day to July 15th at 14:10 hrs. That leaves us one less day to prepare. Not to worry , we WILL be prepared. We are currently 877 miles to the Golden Gate. Our heading is 72 degrees. Our position is N38*45 W141*27 Current boat speed 6.7 knots per hour.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR be DAR, our beards are of sailing salts, (some scruffier than others)

Miss you all, til tomorrow.

John, Don, Ellis and again, "no fish today, Joe" waaas up?

FLASH / FLASH/ FLASH// - - Joe just caught an aku

Thursday, June 26, 2008

still moving along

Picked up a nice south wind - - cruising along on a beam reach heading of 70 - - I want to keep going a little north and east at the same time - - absolutely gorgeous day - - brilliant blue sky -- little following sea making 6-7 kts toward SFO. Lat 38-53 / Lon 145-00 - - now this is what it is all about. I had my first mid Pacific bath. Happily surprised the water temp was near 70 degrees. The boat was only moving about 1 1/2 knots. Surprising to myself, it took an effort to catch up to Urban. Our latitude was 38*60, I was expecting much colder temp. Hope all goes well on the home front. This is a VERY good experience. The learning curve is HUGE,

John, Don, Ellis, no fish today, Joe


Bernie & Bennie were family - - we all know the grieving process that goes with the loss of a loved one. It did not take but a day for the crew to notice the difference in Bennie since Bernie was gone. Bennie became lackluster, roamed around on deck, couldn't stay focused in one position. The extra workload and the loss of Bernie was more then Bennie could cope with. Bennie try befriending the loan white throw cushion, but to no avail, Bennie was forlorn and broken in spirit. Bennie was severely injured early in the trip and had a drastic weight loss - - we were able to patch him up but we did not have the necessary skills and refurbishment onboard so Bennie had been having a hard time even before the loss of Bernie. Sooooo late one evening while we were sailing along Bennie slipped quietly into the loving arms of the Pacific Ocean to be one with Bernie and circle the Pacific High forever. Both are "sorely" missed and we will hope to contact family in SFO to see if they want to join the crew and see the Pacific like Bernie & Bennie!!!!!!! MASTER & COMMANDER OF URBAN RENEWAL WITH ALL RESPECT FOR THE FALLEN / don brown

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

new sailor tip #2

Here is another tip for new sailors to help us sail more comfortably. Stay warm, especially feet and hands. Foul weather gear is not enough to keep you warm. You need warm mid and base layers, maybe not so much pants but certainly jackets or at least long sleeve shirts. At night on deck it is doubly cold and wet and if you are sailing fast then that means it's very windy too. Water proof gloves and boots are not a luxury, it will go a long way in helping you not be miserable on a cold, windy, rainy night watch. So don't skimp on the cold weather stuff. If your brother (Steve) sneers at you and thinks you are going overboard you are just getting to the warmness level you need, don't be afraid to go a little more.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Think Wind

Tuesday morning and we are drifting along @3-5Kts, wind is suppose to fill in from the NW pretty strong - - that will be good because we are coming down from Lat 39. Working on projects on the boat. We have Approx 22 gals of fuel remaining so we really do not want to do any long time motoring this far out. Need to save for an emergency and battery charging - - so we are slow rolling it right now on our way to SFO. Well it is 1900 and we have had no wind all day - - no miles made good to SFO. We all took a swim and took Prell baths had corn beef and cabbage and worked around the boat. When you are cruising and you get days like this it is a pleasant break - - but when you are trying to get somewhere by a certain date it kind of weighs on you that you have completely lost a day. We are at Lat 38-29 / Lon 147-15 - seas calm, clear skies distant clouds, 3kts of wind out of the N making no way. Everybody is catching up on laundry, drying out fowlies and reading. Lots of smack talking going on between the crew about stuff & things and what we are going to do when we get to SFO. We miss all of you but are having a good time in our own way. Everybody think wind out of the NW

Are we sailing yet?


Family and friends, the last day and a half qualify as contributing to the adventure. We sat and sat, finally last evening we picked up an 8/9 knot breeze coming from the south, PERFECT. For nearly 7 hours, we touched nothing, we were being taken in the exact course we could have asked. Only, at 2:15 a.m., the wind suddenly shifts, the sails backfill and all hands are on deck!! By 3 a.m. the excitement is over. We'll survey damage control at sunrise. Results: only a few more gray hairs. This morning started slowly, again. By 10 a.m. northwesterly winds picked up and we have been moving very well since. Yahoo....back to sailing. At the moment our position is : N 39*06 W 148*81

We are on a perfect heading towards California. North/Northeast, 15-20 knots, rolling seas and an occasional bounder. Our heading is 090, in other words straight west. The weather data we're collecting indicates we should have a great run all the way to S.F. We are roughly 1200 miles from the coast. IF, we do 120-140 per day, we make land in 10-12 days. Today is our 8th day. Todays culinary delight was Pop Tarts followed in the late afternoon by chili. Note: Joe caught no edible fish today. Also, we have not had a cold beverage since Day 5/6, all ice long melted. The adventure continues. One certainty, things will change!!!! Speaking of change, we have been notified that our start date will move up one day to Tuesday July 15th.

We'll keep in touch, The "Urban Renewal" gang,

John, Don, Ellis and Joe

Monday, June 23, 2008


From day one, my first safety meeting with the crew, Bernie & Bennie Beanbag showed an air of arrogance and safety to the wind attitude. When we got underway they where always sitting high on the rail with no harness & not hooked on. They would sit out on deck by themselves never once hooked up. Well as fate would have it when you live in the fast lane - - late last night when a squall came thru and everybody was scrambling - - when the rain and wind stopped Bernie was gone. Bennie is grieving and has finally seen the error of his ways and is certainly hanging on much tighter. Our thoughts and certainly our butts go out to Bernie, drifting the Pacific never to be seen again. Hopefully we will be able to find some family members in SFO and reunite them with Bennie and add them to the crew list. In memory of Bernie we dropped a lei at the site - - our butts certainly miss Bernie Beanbag. Master & Commander of the mighty Urban Renewal / Don Brown

The new guy experience

This is my first crossing and longest ocean voyage I have ever made. Being on the water for over a week I have learned a few things (tips) that may help new sailors like myself prepare for something like this, and for the old salts it may bring back an amusing account or event where they may have first learned or had these experiences.

The first tip is very simple, anyone who has sailed or even had to much to drink will understand this. Tip number one is "one hand for the boat". On the ocean or even in rough coastal waters you always need to have one hand for holding on. So you will need to do everything with one less hand so to speak. You will surly find yourself in some awkward and precarious positions as you work your way around the boat. The simple task of putting on your pants can be a struggle. I will write again as my learning experiences mount. Ellis

Living Good in the High

We are at Lat 37-16 /Lon 150-06 about 1284 nm from Point Reyes but still headed north - - We want to get to Lat 39 before we turn (one degree is 60 nm) and we are sailing and motor sailing intermittently as the winds allow us. The seas are rolling swells @ 2 feet, cloud cover with squalls, wind at 8knts out of the SW, we are trying everything / wing on wing & tomorrow we are going to fly the chute if it is still like this. We are starting to be careful with our fuel we are down to approx 30 gals / we burn 1/2 gal an hour so we need to keep enough fuel to make sure and be able to charge the batteries for the complete trip and also save some in case we run into another high. We have plenty of food and water and this afternoon John gave me my first cribbage lesson and Ellis & Joe were playing domino's - - we have Henry the auto pilot on watch right now. We take turns cooking and we have used up all the great meals everybody prepared for us and now we are into canned goods. Nothing cold left onboard. We do not get internet so we can not see the blog but I hear Cathy is doing a great job - thanxs Cathy. Spirits are good - - we need some wind. Don and Crew

looking for wind

N 36`34.953' W 150`22.950' GPS 008M 0510 HST

We hit a little wind last night about 7 knts coming from SSW, a little push but not enough to turn off the motor. It doesn't mater though at 1600 hrs we will have to shut down to conserve gas to charge the batteries, I guess we then become real sailors and go where the wind blows us, maybe Aculpoco! Hopefully we will find some favorable wind today. Ellis

Sunday, June 22, 2008

one week recap

First, the latest news. We are sitting in a high:N 35*34 W 150*51 What that means, very little wind. So with the use of computer systems, we are trying to find a good westerly wind to take us to the west coast. The computer has us in that wind within a few hours, however, there is no sign of change. These are the situations that make this an adventure. If this "high" continues, we will conserve on fuel, so occasionally we can charge our batteries. Joe, caught another Mahi today, (that's three so far), while doing our laundry. So, since the seas were flat, we had our first BBQ. The mahi was marinaded in shoyu, ginger and a little garlic for a few hours. We added to our dinner with cole slaw. One of the only green produce that will survive out here. A terrific meal and conversation. The view wasn't bad either. We have seen a little debris thus far. All of it in the last day and a half, in this "high". Spirits are very good, but we are sailors looking for wind. For the crew racing back to Kaneohe, last night I could have used a third layer below the waist.

Here is a peek at our watch schedules: Don and I 2 a.m. until 6 a.m. noon until 6 p.m. 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Joe and Ellis 6 a.m. until noon 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. 2 a.m. until 6 a.m. Looking forward to our winds freshening,

John, Don, Ellis and Joe

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fresh fish

Current position GPS N 35`08.639 W 151`02.308 1435 HST Well once again the weather is not cooperating with us. We have been motoring for 2 full days and it seems that another high is coming down on us. At least we all got to do laundry. We are low on fuel and have to keep some in reserve to charge the batteries. When the fuel is gone we will just have to wait for the wind to come to us. Once we get to the Lat 39` we will hang a right and head for SF if there is wind and when it comes hopefully it is in the direction we want to go. We have to get to the race before the 16th. Everything cold is gone and there is no refrigeration on this boat. We do however have a great fisherman name Joe who catches Mahimahi almost every other day so we have some very fresh fish most times. The crew is in good spirits and waiting for some wind. Ellis

we are HIGH

Well it is 0300 hours and John and I are sitting out in the moonlight with the auto pilot steering away with the engine running going 6 knots due north going thru the high. Checking the weather grids - - we are at N34 W151 and at N35/36 some westerly winds are suppose to fill in. I sure hope so we only have so much. Fishing is good and the crew is getting along just fine.

Still heading north

Yonoo - - the tiller is 24' from pin to end of handle. Les if we could we would be going north, it is just a little hard with the wind coming out of the north - - you know it is that sailboat thing. So we are going North as much as possible and east as little as possible to get up to 39 - - when we get to 150 I have to make a decision for my next move. Weather grid shows some west filling in which would be great - - but until something else happens we are stuck tacking back and forth. Thanxs for the start time. r/don

Attitude for Latitude

Thanxs for all the info Les - - we call the rudder post thumping the boat "heart Beat" it has stayed pretty much the same but it definitely needs looked at in SFO. The tiller ext - - we just safety wired and taped the two broken ones together to make a good one. The roller furling story - - when we went to roll it up the the drum just spun freely not turning the luff. Upon examination the three set screws that hold the luff to the drum were missing. I don't think they we ever tightened and just vibrate out. I replaced them with screws we had on board - - not the correct size but it is working. We will need to tap out the threads and put the right ones in at SFO. I hope they hold out - - if not we will have to strip that jib and go to a smaller one. As far as dry boat goes that story is over - - I think there is one dry spot in the cabin - - that is my gin bottle - - leaks, leaks and more leaks. This will not go down in the log as our most favorite leg. Grey sky, wind out of the north at 15 - 20, rolling seas out of the north and we are motor sailing at 5 knots on a course of 5 -6 knots - - we are slowly working our way up north. Rock, I believe all boats are offered (for free) the transenders. Yes, please...everyone will be able to follow us. We are already in our cold weather gear. Position N 33*05 W 152*50 Somebody said, "It affects your attitude when you leave the latitudes,", thanks, Jimmy. This morning I started with T-shirt, fleece shirt from Luann, heavy foulies and ski gloves with ski hat and boots, and Under Armor bottoms. (Enjoy the beach, you turkies.) That worked for an hour and half. Then had to strip the fleece and ski cap. Replacing the fleece with Patagonia. Good combination for me. Hard call on Joe's flight. We working hard getting North.
Great experience out here, John and Don

Friday, June 20, 2008

are we having fun yet?

We just can't get a break on the wind -- won't let us head north - so we are making good time going the wrong way. Cooking is quite the challenge, serving is no easier and clean up is just as much fun. John and I are on watch together and Ellis & Joe are together. We continue to work 6 on 6 off during the day and 4 on & 4 off from 1800 until 0600. It is working out well. Not many leaks - but any leak is in the wrong place and annoying. Don

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 3

Aloha, Crew, today was great sailing. 12 to 15 knots out of the east, all day long. We encountered no squalls today, with none on the horizon as the sun sets. Our average speed today was 6.4. We've been eating well, but no one is over hungry, provisions are holding very well. Les, Don went back to the bolt for the rudder and tightened it, again. The impact was immediate. No clanking, and tiller play at a minimum. Received your e-mail, but, Don would prefer to tighten daily, if needed. As of 6 p.m., we have 1634 miles to go. Our position is: N 27*54.766 W 153*20.769 Thanks for the Tiger update.Back to the sunset, John

to beat or not to beat

Aloha all - - beating north to get to the HIGH - - for those of you who have beat to weather you know / / for those that have not don't do it!!!! HA!! All are settling in / working 6 on & 6 off during the day & 4 on 4 off during the night. Catching fish, chasing the squaws and having a great time. We are 450 nm north of Kaneohe N 27 -13 / W 153 - 40. Approx 1700 nm from SFO. DR

still learning


We had one calamity, we spilt one of our dinners behind the stove. Ah, the learning curve continues. there were a few squalls today. Good training. We made 144 miles the day. Our spot on the globe as of noon Monday was N25*41.223 W155*05.339 Nautical miles to S.F. is 1782. The seas have been aggravated with the squall activity.
Love to call, The Crew

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday update

Don called in and said everything is OK. The weather goes from squalls to almost nothing. They are going back in forth from dropping the jib to full sails ahead when the squall goes by. Everyone seems to be OK and no one has gotten sick. They had turkey dinner last night and enjoyed the food. Food is still frozen but the ice is almost gone. Don and crew say hello and good sailing to everyone.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Randy Reed

My favorite color is racing! I pit crew with the Baja Fools in the Baja Trophy Truck races. As far as sailing, I’m part of the crew on Ho’onanea out of the Kaneohe Yacht Club, where I am a member, along with my girlfriend Lora.
I’m basically the go-to guy when something doesn’t sound right on a boat or in a boat’s engine for some of my friend’s boats. I work full time for the Federal Government in Pest Control at the PWC at Pearl Harbor, and own Randy’s Auto Service in Kaneohe.
This is my first Pacific Cup. I’ve done a whole lot of racing in Hawaii, but this is my first – and longest – race so far, sailing.
I have two daughters, Ashley and Megan and a lot of family and extended family in California and Montana – with the exception of my mom, Mary, who will be working in Alaska this summer. (p.s. this photo show me the day of the race -- my first time at Wal-Mart, getting purple yarn. You'd better check out Don Brown's profile to learn why the yarn had to be purple.)

First Day

Great send off......what a start, beautiful breeze and good friends. We are 138 statute miles from the R-2 bouy,just out of Kaneohe bay, only 2252 to go to S.F. n 23*24.440 w 157*15.274 The sunset, stars and sunrise were especially ordered for us. BEAUTIFUL!!

Not much sleep for anyone last night. Joe caught a small Aku, we released it. The only real excitement, one of the bean bag chairs sprung a leak. We are waiting for the stuffing to dry.
Life is good, John and crew.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bon Voyage

At 10:02 this morning the delivery crew of Urban Renewal set off for their great adventure across the Pacific Ocean. Family and friends gathered to wish these four sailors fairwinds and calm seas in traditional Kaneohe Yacht Club style. Bloody Marys and Mimosas flowed as well wishers gave many hugs, kisses, handshakes, and of course a good old pat on the back to these fine men.

Urban set off towards the Sanpan channel and two boats tagged along for one last goodbye. Urban raised sails and started pulling away, she was moving fast and looking great. As she pulled into the channel the crew gave their leis to the ocean, turned towards us, circled around our boat, and set off. It was a perfect day to start their journey: clear skies, 8 knots of breeze, and calm seas.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yoooo Purple Flash here, Don Brown

Purple is my favorite color. Sixty three years young and just full of it!! I have been sailing for 50 years starting with a sunfish on the fire ponds on the farm in Hershey, PA. Just retired from the Army Reserve & Army Civil Service and loving every minute. Ruthann and I bought a Catalina 380 and sailed it to HI from San Diego and we have it at Kaneohe Yacht Club. I have a 100 ton CG license and am presently Vice Commodore of Kaneohe Yacht Club. So far I have Five Pacific crossings, couple each way and have raced Pacific Cup twice before. Also did a great Tahiti race with Kamiloa. Sailing is my favorite but I also enjoy tennis, racket ball, riding my Harley, skiing, jogging, kayaking and giving Ruthann a hard time and loving her to pieces. Two daughters, 5 grand kids & two super son-in-laws. Life is good.

Joe D. Farrell

At 5,10 155 with blond hair and blue eyes,arguably the best looking of the delivery crew. I grew up sailing and surfing the hawaiian waters from age five till this day.and on my second hawaii to california passage.Fishing is one of my passions and this trip allows me to fish every day!with three Mahi's and an Albacore landed already were not starving yet.i Have two daaughters Portia Kainoa and Jannick Piilani who are both living on oahu and doing wery well with their job's and have great boyfriends.yes lady's I am now single and live in Kaneohe.Sea ya soon.

John Stolp

Moved from Santa Cruz to Kailua two years ago, with my beautiful wife of 29 years, Gail. Been sailing for many years, but the real education began in Hawaiian waters, Kaneohe Bay, interisland trips, etc. The fantastic thing about sailing is the never ending learning opportunities. Coupled with association with great friends. Two children, one of which is currently in Zambia, traveling the world. My passions are sailing, adventure and golf. Come to think of it, golf is an adventure for me. Life IS Good, and, the Best is Yet to Come.

Ellis Abram

New to sailing less than 3 years with my SO Cathy Pratt. We have a beach cat and a Ranger 33 on the windward side. Currently Rear Commodore of Sail for Makani Kai Yacht Club, I like competing in races as well as cruising. This is my first trans pacific crossing and also the longest I've been on a boat. Sine I have become a boat owner I've learned more about boat repair than sailing but still have a lot to learn.