Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest news and weather


Greetings from location: N38*47 W132*45

We had, what is becoming a typical day. We started slowly, 1-2 knots early in the morn. Then, North winds, lasting 6-7 hours, at 6-9 knots. We just sat and sat during the night, for nearly 10 hours. Now the wind is coming from the South. It has been steady at 10-12 knots for the last 4 hours. Our weather maps are not showing these inconsistencies. Making it difficult to forecast arrival time. Oh well, part of the adventure. We are currently 473 miles from the Golden Gate. wind speed is 6.7 knots per mile course: 77* - - at present we are making course. All provisions are holding, but I'm surely looking forward to a few of those S.F. eateries and pubs.

More later, the crew
J.S. "galley boy", Don, Ellis and Joe

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