Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Think Wind

Tuesday morning and we are drifting along @3-5Kts, wind is suppose to fill in from the NW pretty strong - - that will be good because we are coming down from Lat 39. Working on projects on the boat. We have Approx 22 gals of fuel remaining so we really do not want to do any long time motoring this far out. Need to save for an emergency and battery charging - - so we are slow rolling it right now on our way to SFO. Well it is 1900 and we have had no wind all day - - no miles made good to SFO. We all took a swim and took Prell baths had corn beef and cabbage and worked around the boat. When you are cruising and you get days like this it is a pleasant break - - but when you are trying to get somewhere by a certain date it kind of weighs on you that you have completely lost a day. We are at Lat 38-29 / Lon 147-15 - seas calm, clear skies distant clouds, 3kts of wind out of the N making no way. Everybody is catching up on laundry, drying out fowlies and reading. Lots of smack talking going on between the crew about stuff & things and what we are going to do when we get to SFO. We miss all of you but are having a good time in our own way. Everybody think wind out of the NW

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