Friday, June 20, 2008

are we having fun yet?

We just can't get a break on the wind -- won't let us head north - so we are making good time going the wrong way. Cooking is quite the challenge, serving is no easier and clean up is just as much fun. John and I are on watch together and Ellis & Joe are together. We continue to work 6 on 6 off during the day and 4 on & 4 off from 1800 until 0600. It is working out well. Not many leaks - but any leak is in the wrong place and annoying. Don

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Doug said...

Don, it would sure be neat if you'd include a sentence in each post with Lat-Long, wind direction and strength, heading and speed.

As for the frustrating upwind work, just think of all the trash-talking you and John will be allowed towards the "downhill only" part of the race crew!