Saturday, June 21, 2008

Attitude for Latitude

Thanxs for all the info Les - - we call the rudder post thumping the boat "heart Beat" it has stayed pretty much the same but it definitely needs looked at in SFO. The tiller ext - - we just safety wired and taped the two broken ones together to make a good one. The roller furling story - - when we went to roll it up the the drum just spun freely not turning the luff. Upon examination the three set screws that hold the luff to the drum were missing. I don't think they we ever tightened and just vibrate out. I replaced them with screws we had on board - - not the correct size but it is working. We will need to tap out the threads and put the right ones in at SFO. I hope they hold out - - if not we will have to strip that jib and go to a smaller one. As far as dry boat goes that story is over - - I think there is one dry spot in the cabin - - that is my gin bottle - - leaks, leaks and more leaks. This will not go down in the log as our most favorite leg. Grey sky, wind out of the north at 15 - 20, rolling seas out of the north and we are motor sailing at 5 knots on a course of 5 -6 knots - - we are slowly working our way up north. Rock, I believe all boats are offered (for free) the transenders. Yes, please...everyone will be able to follow us. We are already in our cold weather gear. Position N 33*05 W 152*50 Somebody said, "It affects your attitude when you leave the latitudes,", thanks, Jimmy. This morning I started with T-shirt, fleece shirt from Luann, heavy foulies and ski gloves with ski hat and boots, and Under Armor bottoms. (Enjoy the beach, you turkies.) That worked for an hour and half. Then had to strip the fleece and ski cap. Replacing the fleece with Patagonia. Good combination for me. Hard call on Joe's flight. We working hard getting North.
Great experience out here, John and Don

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