Monday, June 23, 2008

Living Good in the High

We are at Lat 37-16 /Lon 150-06 about 1284 nm from Point Reyes but still headed north - - We want to get to Lat 39 before we turn (one degree is 60 nm) and we are sailing and motor sailing intermittently as the winds allow us. The seas are rolling swells @ 2 feet, cloud cover with squalls, wind at 8knts out of the SW, we are trying everything / wing on wing & tomorrow we are going to fly the chute if it is still like this. We are starting to be careful with our fuel we are down to approx 30 gals / we burn 1/2 gal an hour so we need to keep enough fuel to make sure and be able to charge the batteries for the complete trip and also save some in case we run into another high. We have plenty of food and water and this afternoon John gave me my first cribbage lesson and Ellis & Joe were playing domino's - - we have Henry the auto pilot on watch right now. We take turns cooking and we have used up all the great meals everybody prepared for us and now we are into canned goods. Nothing cold left onboard. We do not get internet so we can not see the blog but I hear Cathy is doing a great job - thanxs Cathy. Spirits are good - - we need some wind. Don and Crew

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