Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are we sailing yet?


Family and friends, the last day and a half qualify as contributing to the adventure. We sat and sat, finally last evening we picked up an 8/9 knot breeze coming from the south, PERFECT. For nearly 7 hours, we touched nothing, we were being taken in the exact course we could have asked. Only, at 2:15 a.m., the wind suddenly shifts, the sails backfill and all hands are on deck!! By 3 a.m. the excitement is over. We'll survey damage control at sunrise. Results: only a few more gray hairs. This morning started slowly, again. By 10 a.m. northwesterly winds picked up and we have been moving very well since. Yahoo....back to sailing. At the moment our position is : N 39*06 W 148*81

We are on a perfect heading towards California. North/Northeast, 15-20 knots, rolling seas and an occasional bounder. Our heading is 090, in other words straight west. The weather data we're collecting indicates we should have a great run all the way to S.F. We are roughly 1200 miles from the coast. IF, we do 120-140 per day, we make land in 10-12 days. Today is our 8th day. Todays culinary delight was Pop Tarts followed in the late afternoon by chili. Note: Joe caught no edible fish today. Also, we have not had a cold beverage since Day 5/6, all ice long melted. The adventure continues. One certainty, things will change!!!! Speaking of change, we have been notified that our start date will move up one day to Tuesday July 15th.

We'll keep in touch, The "Urban Renewal" gang,

John, Don, Ellis and Joe

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Doug said...

Check the grog ration for the navigator. Heading 090 is straight EAST, not straight West!