Thursday, July 3, 2008

Getting closer


Family and friends, as we head into Day 19 The wind god didn't want to visit last night, or this morning. We motored much, and sailed little, 2-3 knots per hour. This moment we are 61 miles to the Golden Gate. We need to be frugal with fuel as we enter the shipping lanes and then Bay. We will also be watching the tide charts, carefully. Last night the cloud cover, fog, was prevalent. We thought seeing the city lights a possibility, negative. At this clip, we will not hit land until later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Our position: N 38*00 W 123*50
Wind: changing, 1-4 knots
Distance to the Gate: 61 miles

As always, sailing safe, We will keep you posted,
John, Don, Ellis and Joe

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