Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 9


7:36 p.m. pdt What a concept, we kept the boat moving all day and night long. A few days ago, not sure how many, we spotted a hundred to one hundred and fifty dolphin swimming in front of our bow. They were in a big hurry, splashing as they went. The line of dolphin stretched over one half mile. It looked as if they were herding other fish, but they swam a straight line. Perhaps they were the prey, not the predators?

Today was gorgeous, skies and water were blue and company was good. We are currently 828 nm to the finish line.

Our position is N27*55 W144*22
Bearing is 233 degrees
Wind is NE, blowing 10-15nmph,
.6 oz. spinnaker has been used all day.
Swells are 1-2 meters

This evenings dinner was baked lasagna. We ate the entire thing. For the race, we have been using dishes and cutlery made from vegetable by products. It's odd how quickly we volunteer for K.P. everyone is enjoying good health, and spirits.

See many of you sooooon in Kaneohe Bay.
The Crew, John, Rocky, Ellis, Don, Les and Randy

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