Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Light but steady

We are out about 885 from Kaneohe Finish line. moving pretty close to the mark, but at least away from the effects of the HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM that haunted us for the last 3 days. we figure we lost at least 2 days, mostly going 1 to 2 knots, sometimes we had to drop the main because the heavy sail created such a disturbance to the spinnaker when the boat rolled. This put us out of the hunt for 3rd place which we were close to when we ran out of wind. now we are trying to get out of the lace where we were yesterday, a short way ahead of the other j-35. Last night we had our half way party, nice steaks on the bar-B beer and wine and Ice cream sandwiches for desert! I understand from sup op Supply Operations, that we are down to our last 30 beers and one bottle of wine. we also have a bottle of Gran Marnier so we will make it one way or other. John, Com Ops, is getting quite comfortable with the radio reports and plotting the positions of the principal competitors. Randy and Rocky handle fab ops (food and beverage). So we await the next report and the next puff of wind. looks like sometime Tuesday, late Monday if we get some good wind. Hope all is well ashore,

Aloha, Les, Nav Ops, Master & Commander (Don Likes to call me that), Owner of Urban Renewal, and Northern Goat!

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