Saturday, July 5, 2008

Final message from the boys

Sorry for the delay, but got excited to reach land!!! and leave the boat (and computer). WE SET FOOT ON LAND, JULY 4TH, 01:35 a.m. in very foggy conditions, the visibility was ¼ mile. We began our run through the shipping channel at 23:15 hr..Don was at the tiller, Ellis hovering above his GPS, giving precise headings, Joe and I were at the rails starring into the fog, to find buoys. The sound of fog horns from different unseen ships passing through the shipping lanes was eerie. We could not see the “Golden Gate” until we were underneath it.
We were met, lovingly, at the dock by Ruth Ann and David, a very good friend of Don and Ruth Ann. Champagne was popped, photos were taken, hugs all around, walking on land a phenomenon. St. Francis Yacht Club has been terrific.

This concludes the first chapter. Stay tuned for the second chapter, “The Race Home”, beginning July 15/16.


Kevin Vasconcellos said...

Glad you made it safely!!!

RNGONMT said...

Just received email from Les regarding the blog and other information. Looking forward to following your progress throughout the race. Wish I were aboard, she is a fine vessel and Les a joy to be on the water with. Best of luck and above all be safe, but don't forget about the pre-race beer!!! Mark Turner, Olympia, WA - Urban crew member 1996 - 1998