Friday, July 18, 2008

No Fish Yet

Aloha Ocean Racing Enthusiasts,

We flew the 1.5oz. (heavier) spinaker last night. The evening was uneventful, for drama. That is a good thing. The competition came back to us a little. We are currently in fourth place in our division. But, the race has just begun. We have yet to see the moon, or many stars. We have seen a lot of ocean!!!! Early today the wind decreased, we changed spinakers to a lighter 85oz., making the steering much easier. The wind speed is 8-12 knots per hour. The ocean has swells of 1-3 meters. (No rogues, yet, Darlene) We have 1519 nm to go to the R2 buoy outside Kaneohe Bay, (which will be very near the finish line).

Our exact location is N33.33 W132.36
Boat speed currently ranges from 6.8 to 13.1 nmph.

You've heard of where is Waldo?? Where is Joe?? Not a line in the water yet, for the racing team. Hence, no fresh Mahi or Aku YET!!! We are not starving, however.

We are racing home, safely,

The Crew,
John, Les, Don, Rocky, Ellis and Randy

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