Friday, July 25, 2008

Parking Lot Sale

Aloha Family and friends,

After spending nearly two days in the parking lot looking for good deals, I mean wind, it was time to push forward. Yesterday, we recorded more miles toward "the finish line", than 6 of 7 yachts in our division. Finally, we gained a little ground. Today, was another very good day. There is hope of at least a respectable finish?? We currently have 668 nm to the finish line. Looks like a Monday or Tuesday finish. (Always, subject to change.)

Current position: N 27*33 W147*01
Wind direction: NE 10-14 nmph
Boat speed: 8.4, averaging 8 nmph for the last 5 hours
Swells 1-3 meters, surfing rarely.

To nights fine cuisine, Dinty Moore stew, presented by master chef, Randy. Our provisions are holding well. The ice is on its last stand. (much better preformance than delivery crews). Dry ice was key. Could be the last chilled beer tomorrow, that's still much better than anticipated.
Sailing fast and safe,
The Crew John, Randy, Les, Rocky, Don, and Ellis

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